Top 3 Microsoft Word Tips to Increase Your Productivity

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have the right fonts on your computer. This is crucial and this should be done by default. You also have to make sure you have the correct styles and settings in your Word application. Next, make sure you have the right toolbars in the software. Finally, three easy tips that can increase your productivity and make your job a lot easier. Top 3 Microsoft Word Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Insert/Append Toolbar is Essential to Creating New Documents

Using the Insert/Append toolbar is essential to creating new documents. It allows you to create a document in one function and then add some extra text as well as objects in another. This allows you to have several styles in your documents without having to change the Document pane. It also allows you to go from one layout to another.

Using the Search tool is essential when searching for documents on the Internet. When you use this feature, you type the words you are looking for into the search bar. This will return all matching documents, images or other items. You can sort your results by relevance and location.

 Tab Displays the Different Documents you have Open

The Document tab on the Home tab displays the different documents you have open. To sort them by file size, you can use the tabs on the far right. You also have the option of selecting multiple documents by dragging and dropping them onto the Select tab. The three options on this screen are: All documents, By date and alphabetically.

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Use the Search and Find tool on the Tools menu. Enter your desired keyword and click on the Search button. This will return all matching results. This works in the All option. You can also narrow down the search by creating a custom filter.

Start Menu to find all Files and programs

Use the Search and Index on the Start Menu to find all files and programs. On the Home tab, click the Insert Tab and the Select Microsoft Word Directory button. This will open the appropriate file on the Microsoft Word directory you specified. You can double-click any document or file to open it in Microsoft Word.

The third tip is to regularly update yourself on the latest technology. This is another of the top three tips. No matter how technologically advanced our society becomes, there will always be ways for us to find out what is new and improve our productivity. Technology can help us make the information more valuable to us.

 Three tips for Increasing Productivity

These are just three of the top three tips for increasing productivity. There are many more to learn. We should always be striving to do things better, faster and cheaper. Doing those three things will help us improve our productivity. Make sure you are disciplined and keep your priorities straight. You’ll soon see your dreams coming true!

If you have never looked at Microsoft Word before, I encourage you to do so. Start with the basics, like creating and saving documents. Read about Word tips to increase your productivity here: Word Tips to Increase Your Productivity. Good luck!

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You can also look for basic tutorials that show you how to navigate Microsoft Word and set up documents. Some tutorials provide tips and tricks for designers, writers and coders. They will show you how to import data from a database and how to use text effects to change the appearance of a document. Look for these tutorials, as they will be able to help you build up your productivity very quickly.

Several other Interesting Tutorials Available online

There are also several other interesting tutorials available online. Use your favorite search engine and look for tutorials that cover Word processing in depth. The most important thing is to read them through carefully and understand the tips thoroughly. Then, use the tips to improve your productivity immediately.

One of my personal favorite productivity software programs is Microsoft Works. You may have heard about it. But if you don’t use it, you are missing out on many productive features it offers. This software can be used for many purposes including creating, editing and organizing your very own digital library of photographs and memorabilia. Check out the free version first, and then invest in a paid Works package for maximum productivity benefits.

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