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5 good safe browsing practices for your company

One of the key pillars to avoid any cyber attack is to instill a culture of cybersecurity in your company. There are measures that can undoubtedly help to avoid any type of cyber threat and that must be put into practice by all members of the company. Today, we want to review good browsing practices.

When we surf the net or access a link that we have received, it is important to know how to identify possible risks as well as to have tools that help us stop any type of threat.

Here are some practical tips:

1. Use browser security tools

Browsers already have security functions capable of blocking threats. We invite you to review its configuration:

  • Chrome: Settings> Advanced settings> Privacy and security
  • Edge: Settings> Advanced Settings
  • Firefox: Options> Privacy and securityS
  • Safari: Preferences> Privacy

2. Thoroughly review the URL

Malicious web pages usually try to imitate a trusted URL that, if you look closely, has some slight modification. For this reason, it is very important that before clicking on any link, we look at the URL.

For example: is a false website that tries to pass itself off as a property.

3. Look for the HTTP

Confirm that in the browser bar where we can find the url of the web page we are visiting has the padlock symbol. In the event that the lock does not come out, it may happen that there is no information about the origin of that place or that our browser identifies it as dangerous.

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4. Use a website security check tool

You can use a tool like  Google Safe Browsing  to quickly check if a specific website or URL is safe. According to its page, “Google’s safe browsing technology scans billions of URLs daily for unsafe websites.”

There are many other tools that do exactly the same function.

5. Look for the privacy policy

Trusted websites have a page with the privacy policy, since it is mandatory in many countries.

Remember that one of the keys to cybersecurity in your company is to instill in your workers all the necessary knowledge and tools, in order to prevent possible future problems.

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