How Do Salesforce Drives More Customer Engagement?

For businesses to grow unlimitedly, one needs to offer scalable customer engagement to them. By offering a seamless and ease-offering engagement service for your business, people will automatically choose you over others. Solutions like customer engagement salesforce have given us opportunities to offer good client service and concentrate on customer centricity. If you want to offer a scalable customer engagement solution, Salesforce is a great solution for you.

But before we dig into Salesforce and its benefits for customer engagement, let’s learn what customer engagement is.

Customer Engagement: What Does it Mean?

In order to build awareness and loyalty among the customers, the company tries to build a relationship with them by engaging or interacting with them. The interaction can take place on social media, via mail or any other medium. This interaction between a company and its customer is known as customer engagement.

In simple terms, engaging or communicating with the customer to ensure their experience with your product or service, which furthermore increases the customer loyalty base, is customer engagement. Customer engagement is how well your consumers engage with your business by commenting on your posts or dropping messages on your social media platforms. 

How does Salesforce help to drive more Customer Engagement?

While Salesforce remains one of the top-most preferable platforms for businesses, the real question here is how does it assist in enhancing customer engagement salesforce? Salesforce is not just a platform; it is a tool or portal that brings solutions to all our business-related problems in one integrated place. Salesforce can take care of each problem seamlessly, from communication and sales to marketing and finances. Its Salesforce Consulting service and support ensure collaboration and functions timely. All of this combined can explain how unbelievably helpful salesforce customer engagement can be! This portal gives numerous opportunities, such as managing marketing campaigns, sales data, and service assistance. All these cloud services of customer engagement salesforce collectively lead to a boost in consumer engagement.

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Role of Different Clouds in Boosting Customer Engagement

  • Sales Cloud: A sales team requires an automated platform to manage workflows and improve productivity. The usage of Salesforce Sales Cloud fuels the company’s revenue by constantly reviewing customer information, activities, feedback, and much more.

Improvement in sales patterns may not seem to help much in boosting customer engagement but it indirectly enhances it. An increase in lead conversion leads to service and convenience reaching more people and leading them to engage with your platform openly.

  • Marketing Cloud: Marketers use this cloud-based tool to create a multi-channel, distinctive customer experience. It also offers a service to monitor your customer’s needs and behaviours to enhance their experience with your product. 

Managing marketing campaigns is easier and more beneficial through Salesforce Marketing Cloud and these marketing campaigns intrigue them to ask questions to the brand improving customer engagement and ultimately, sales too.

  • Financial Cloud: Does managing finance takes a lot out of you? With the finance cloud, you can manage it brilliantly because it assists bankers and capital market firms in performing automated billing, managing revenue, and creating reports, among many other financial tasks. 

This cloud-based financial tool helps companies create good customer relationships with one system because it eliminates all possible errors and issues that may affect the customer’s experience. 

  • Commerce Cloud: The world has gotten lucky to witness endless opportunities with the availability of e-commerce all around the world. With the Salesforce commerce cloud, you can focus on business activities with a single interface platform and lay down a seamless escapade for yourself and your consumers. 

The more you will be able to offer to your customers, the more they are going to interact with your brand, skyrocketing your customer engagement in no time.

  • Service Cloud: With the power of a live chat option, automated case routing, and other facilities, the service cloud strengthens customer engagement and experience with your platform and delivers excellent support service. 
  • Utilizing Customer Data to the Fullest
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Due to your sales procedures and marketing campaigns, you have access to plenty of data about your consumers as well as people who never tried your services after dropping by your digital stores. Some people may tell you that you can’t do anything about this information, however, if you have been using Salesforce integration thoroughly and regularly, you can access this information and create something meaningful and personalized.

Now that we have specific information about the user, such as their preferences, likings, and requirements, we can drop them an email or an SMS to communicate with them. Using this Salesforce service can easily enhance customer engagement and interaction. Salesforce has given us tremendous power; utilizing it specifically by targeting the requirements of the customer will enhance their experience with us, ultimately boosting their engagement with us.

  • Speaking to Consumers via Social Media

As vital as it is for businesses to engage with their consumers, it is crucial to be active on every social media platform and nowadays, there are many such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, among many others. Hasn’t it been hard to interact with everyone by switching from one social media to another? Juggling with multiple platforms makes it difficult for companies to interact and engage with every person reaching out to them. Salesforce CRM makes it easier for us to do so.

If you have integrated Salesforce completely, user interaction will not be an issue for you because, with Salesforce, you can access all the social network accounts of your customers through its dashboard, allowing you to interact with your consumers without jumping from one social platform to another.

Rapid communication is what consumers appreciate. Did you know being constantly available rapidly improves customer engagement? With Salesforce Consumer Engagement service, you can conveniently respond to your audiences’ comments, responses, and messages without hassle. It is the smartest move any CRM platform could create, especially for businesses that tend to be occupied with other company-related problems.

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Which Businesses use Salesforce to drive more customer engagement ?

Numerous brands, from small-scale to big-fat multinational firms, utilize Salesforce as their primary CRM function. Roughly, the number of companies from different markets using salesforce customer engagement is over 150,000. These companies range from manufacturing, banking, and financial services to professional and healthcare sectors from different parts of the world. To improve customer engagement, Salesforce is the primary approach for top companies to manage their relationships with consumers; here are some of them:

  • To enhance customer and agent engagement and experience, Amazon Connect announced its integration with Salesforce CRM. The move was taken to improve engagement as well as its experience with its customers.
  • Launching a network for its representatives and stylists, L’Oreal accesses Salesforce to manage the social network, share information on the latest trends and organize events for its network.
  • Pizza Hut has been able to offer an efficient and intelligent mobile experience to its consumer base with the help of the Salesforce platform.
  • Janaklakshmi Financial Service made a partnership with Salesforce CRM to enhance their customer outreach as well as their engagement.
  • Urban Ladder launched its collaboration with the cloud-based Salesforce platform to enhance the experience of its loyal customers and create convenient engagement for new ones.
  • Other than this, Macy’s, Toyota Motors, Walmart, and others are among many uncountable brands that rely on Salesforce customer engagement for enhanced user experience and management.
  • Several IT firms use Salesforce to enjoy a creative approach toward each task, better workflow, and convenient customer management.


Salesforce, a unique combination of technology, affordability, and data accuracy, has set new benchmarks in the customer engagement sector. If it continues to grow at a stable scale, there will be a time when businesses will achieve new heights of success while aiming for miles higher than their position. Skyrocket your customer engagement with the automated and unbelievably personalizable experience of Salesforce. Cyntexa is renowned for Salesforce consulting services, providing end-to-end Salesforce development solutions based on the business needs of enterprises. Cyntexa’s certified Salesforce Consultants gives you complete Salesforce solution that drive more engagement in your business.

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