Formulas to achieve the perfect fit between agents and clients

At digitechwebservises we work every day to improve relations between our agents and our clients with one main objective, to obtain a 10/10 in the satisfaction ratings for our service. What leads us to this desire?

Having a client certify the service provided by the customer service centers as a good experience has now become one of the objectives of this group.

Agents are the secret to a great customer experience. The particular connection between users and agents is undoubtedly a factor that makes the difference. Providing added value to questions raised by users requires further skill development by call center workers. Responding to the questions raised by the users of this service is a priority.

What must be done to empower the agents?

1.Be clear that the human factor is important.

Emotional intelligence, sympathy and empathy are emotional capacities that the human being has. Abilities to relate and that in the case of call center agents will allow to humanize interactions with users.

Favoring from the organization the development of talents with internal promotions translates into the perfect strategy. Increase productivity as a purpose and performance. Sometimes it is necessary to look for this talent outside the company.

2.Smile please!

Those in charge of call centers know that in addition to providing agents with adequate knowledge and skills, they must always practice showing a smile to facilitate affinity between them and clients.

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How can you tell if a client is satisfied with the job offered? How can solutions improve for the future? With what types of personalities and what behaviors do the different clients have? These are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself to make a difference in your services. 

3.Promote joint decision making with the customer.

Based on the ‘customer centricity’, those responsible for the customer service centers will provide their agents with the necessary tools. With them they will be able to react to different situations. They will be able to adapt their behavior and language according to the needs of each user.

4.Give them decisive powers.

Apart from empathy and kindness, productivity and efficiency are paramount in connection skills most valued by clients. According to a report by CCW Digital, more than 85% of customers rate the resolution capacity as a determining factor of interaction with the agent.

The customer service centers or call centers will ensure that all their agents can develop all their skills. As far as customer relations are concerned. With this, the agents will be prepared to address the problems that are presented to them. They will also know what type of customer they are dealing with. And they will establish a faster interaction with the user, facilitating decision-making.

85% of users according to CCW Digital value speed as a key factor when interacting with an agent.

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