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Best online video editing tools for 2021

There are essentially two phases in which a video is made. The first is during the production or recording, and the other one is post-production. Both these phases are equally important and have to be done carefully. In today’s world, we have a lot of video editing software that helps create a masterpiece by allowing the user to edit even the details. Be it video, audio, animation, voice-over, or anything, video editing tools are beneficial. Now, there are a lot of different options that are available in the market. All of them are exceptionally good and have a set of features that makes them different from each other. 

Picking a video editing tool depends on a lot of things. From the availability of storage to the tool options, the selection process is endless. Some video editing software has better UI, and some offer a good set of features. Here is a meticulously crafted list of tools that are the best options in the market.



Adobe is one of the finest brands having a big name when it comes to offering different software. It is one of those online video editor that have a massive list of features. The UI of Adobe Premiere is easy to understand and use. One can start using this software after a couple of tutorial classes. Not only does this software provide ease in editing but also to export videos in AVI format. 

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Key features of Adobe Premiere

  • The software automatically reformats the videos you place on the timeline.
  • Managing all the curve adjustments in a video is easy on this software.
  • You can also extend the editing platform you are using on the software.
  • It has an accelerated audio mixing function to pace up the editing speed. 
  • The super immersive UI of this software makes the editing experience better than ever before. 


  • Filmora


If you are looking for a video editing tool with tons and tons of effects and features, then Filmora is the best choice. This software comes equipped with a lot of unique features and an intuitive user interface. After practicing on this editor, you can switch to the advanced mode, where many features get unlocked. This allows the user to gain more control over the timeline. Its features also have keyframing that is a perk for users. 

Key features of Filmora

  • Filmora provides proxy files, better processing, highly adjustable video preview quality.
  • It also allows the user to fix the fisheye and shaking video problems at ease.
  • With just a single click, you can change the aesthetic of the video you are editing.
  • With the help of this tool, you can directly share your story on online platforms. 
  • You get 100 video tracks in which you can organize your media.
  • The user can enjoy cross-compatibility between Windows and Mac.


  • PowerDirector Ultra


Developed by CyberLink- Powerdirector Ultra is one of the most feature-loaded software in the market. It has a simple-to-understand UI that makes it a better pick over the others. It also helps in customizing the objects and shape of the videos. On this tool, you get animated titles and motion graphics. 

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Key features of PowerDirector Ultra

  • On this platform, you can import 8K videos easily.
  • On Powerdirector Ultra, a video can be produced in a 1:1 output ratio.
  • Adding different shapes to the video is very easy.
  • Several readymade templates can be picked and dropped, and used straight away.
  • Powerdirector Ultra has fast motion as well as slow-motion effects on offer.
  • Correcting the color distortion in a video clip is also easy with this tool.
  • It also stabilizes shaky videos quickly.


  • InVideo


If you want to use an application with an extensive list of features and using it is super easy, then InVideo is what you need. With a few mouse clicks, you can enjoy editing the videos the way you want. Also, the application has a smoothly managing dashboard.

Key features of InVideo

  • There are multiple animation templates available on this application.
  • It also allows you to change the logos, fonts, and colors of the first frame of the video.
  • A palette of customizable options is on offer.
  • There is no need to resize the video ratio because it will be auto-adjusted.
  • It also offers designs and live animations of high quality.
  • This application can also be used to create videos appropriate for mobile applications and social media platforms. 
  • It also supports formats like MP4 and MOV.


  • MacXvideo


There might be fewer options for video editing software or tools based on macOS, but MacXvideo is one of those rare options. This product is built for the Mac operating system. With this software, you can compress 4K, 5K, and 8K videos without any problem or hassle. After editing, you can directly share the video through your social media accounts.

  • In this application, applying effects is very easy and quick. 
  • MacXvideo also helps in shrinking the videos created on HRF (High Frame Rates) with ease. 
  • Processing clips and pictures from multiple sources is also an option here. So, videos on the camcorder, tablet, or camera can now be easily sourced and edited.
  • You can quickly merge different video segments in a single file in this software. 
  • If you want to fit the screen of any device, video from this software can do that. You don’t have to sweat much.
  • The software supports MP4 as well as HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding.)
  • Working on multiple-track videos is also easy with MacXvideo.


There is a vast list of video editors available on the internet, and all you need to do is check which amongst them serves you the best. The list of best online video editing tools for 2021 can be as extensive as you make it, but these five tools are amongst the best. Using them is not difficult even for newbies. So you can check the free or trial version of these applications and then decide which will be your choice. Most professional editors, movie makers, and even YouTubers move towards this software.


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