5 Ways To Grow Your Pool Service Business

Among the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur is growing your business amidst competitors and other unfavorable factors. However, diligence and consistency in embracing best practices could guarantee optimum growth for your pool business. Your zeal shouldn’t stop at the starting phase. You have to get organized and have a rigid plan, assuring you of success in your daily routines. Consequently, you’ll be in a stronger position to be able to stay on top of things that are essential in growing your business. With that in mind, consider these five ways to grow your pool service business:

  • Keep detailed records

It’s financially healthy to keep detailed records of your pool service business. Whatever job you handle, it pays to keep track of the project costs, line items, material costs, completion time, challenges faced, and work breakdown structures, among other crucial details. It helps you analyze every project objectively and identify the challenges and winning points. Come the next project, you won’t start all over again; you can borrow a lot from your past successes and failures and make each subsequent job better.

Doing these tasks manually can be hectic. Fortunately, you can bank on industry specific pool service software to organize job and client details for quick retrieval in the future. Additionally, such software enables you to:

  • Quote estimates for the services your business offers
  • Automate the invoicing process by converting quotes to payment requests 
  • Dispatch and schedule your cleaning crew efficiently
  • Personalize customer services
  • Send customers automated messages
  • Streamline appointment scheduling
  • Quote wisely 

Correctly pricing your pool services is a sure way to earn maximum profits. In the unlikely event that you only manage to break-even, and you have no returns from your pool services, you’re doing it wrong. On the other hand, it’s not advisable to overprice your services to make huge gains. 

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Pool Service Business
Appropriate pricing encourages more people to hire your services. Prices can say a lot more about your firm. Customers continuously seek to understand what value they derive from your services at the proposed price levels. You’ll have no issue winning jobs if the service quality matches the prices. It’s best if you are strategic about your pricing policies. There are several pricing techniques that you can consider, such as:
  • Markup pricing
  • Psychological pricing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Price skimming
  • Discount pricing

Aside from the price, your presentation will seal or break a deal. Today’s customers demand professionalism in every business aspect, including the presentation of quotes. For this reason, you can use a free customizable pool estimate template like the one that Jobber developed to send accurate and appealing estimates. 

It significantly cuts the time you spend preparing quotes, ensuring you respond promptly to all client inquiries about your rates on specific pool servicing tasks. You can later convert the estimates to invoices and request payment for work done. 

  • Offer the best services

One way to measure your business growth is by observing customer satisfaction patterns. Research reveals that 51% of customers don’t continue business if they’ve had a bad service experience. Again, it’s a lot of work to make up for negative comments about your services. However, offering the best customer service can help prevent this. In addition, your customers will rank your services best when they feel valued and included in your business.  

You can use loyalty programs or discount prices to entice your customers to stay with your business. Additionally, ensure your website is easy to navigate, which helps with online searches for your business. Other than that, improve your interpersonal skills, so you instantly create an emotional connection with your prospects once they contact you for inquiries on your pool services.

  • Advertise your pool services

Another tried and tested trick to growing your business is to ensure your target market knows of your services. Assuming that people know about your business can be unfavorable and may slow down your business’s growth. That said, it’s essential to keep spreading the word about your brand through digital and analog means until every homeowner in the area you operate in knows about it. 

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Your marketing strategies should stand out to propel your business growth. You should align your advertising techniques with the marketing mix’s popular P’s—product, place, price, and promotions.

In the service industry, referrals are also a great way to run your marketing campaigns. If your customers are happy with your pool services, they’ll be your advertising agents. Research shows that word-of-mouth advertising is among the most trusted forms. Moreover, 83% of consumers trust referrals from friends and family members. For that reason, ensure you maintain good work relations to benefit from your friends and family members. These are good numbers to grow your business.

  • Train your employees

Your pool business should have professional representatives. The growth of your enterprise depends on your interactions with your customers. Since most of your employees operate on behalf of your organization, you need to groom them to be the best out there. It can help perfect your service and manage your time well.

You can organize training and seminars for your team members. Equipping them with the right skills helps build customer confidence in your brand. You’ll also get better work reviews that set you apart from your competitors. You can also use employment techniques such as performance pay incentives to motivate them to perform better services. When your employees meet company expectations, you can be sure to grow your business.


Pool service customers want to get value for the money spent on hiring your company. Maximizing your efforts on delivering cutting-edge services can help retain them. Additionally, marketing your pool services supports your business growth. Focus on offering the best customer experience and watch your company’s growth break scale. With the latest technological advancements, you can also work smarter in delivering pool services and captivating your clients’ visualization of an ideal brand. Incorporate innovative trends in your business to make the most out of it.

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