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Tips to Manage Large Workforce Effectively

Along with the growth of the company, you will also see an increase in the number of employees working in the organization. There needs to be an effective strategy to lead the existing team and also the new hires who join the organization. 

Managing a team doesn’t only mean that assigning tasks and getting the job done, it’s much more than that. HR managers should manage employee records, files, payroll, and much more. There are some tech tools like Ultimate Kronos Group, which is an employee engagement software that helps the administrators to manage the files and records of employees anywhere and anytime. Along with this, it can also be useful for employees as they can view their pay benefits and other information through UKG Pro directly. HR managers can also calculate the payroll accurately.

paystub is a piece of paper given to an employee when he or she is paid stating how much money has been earned and how much has been taken from that sum for things such as tax.

With tech tools, you can manage a large team, but there are few things you cannot do solely depending on software tools and technologies. You need communication, strategies, and manpower to do that effectively. So, here are a few tips to actually do that.

1)Pay close attention:

As a senior manager, you are caught up with your own work throughout the day, but you need to spend some time tracking the work of the teams and employees under you. Apart from taking the project updates from the managers work under you, ensure you check every task yourself detailly. Along with the project, it’s important to pay attention to how people are performing. Are they overworking or having any issues in the workplace and issues like these. 

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2)Communication is the key:

Communication is key in any industry, you need to communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively to your team members and employees. You should also establish clear communication channels, like using an enterprise collaboration system, to express your ideas and let everyone share their ideas as well. Although the communications channels you need for your team completely depend on the type of work you do and how the team is made up, there are few tools that are useful for all types of industries. Tech tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams are some of the few tools which are widely used by corporate companies around the world. 

3)Empower the management team:

Your management team is responsible for enacting the strategies and getting the projects underway. You need to have a strong relationship with them and empower them to give their best. Let them take ownership of the projects to manage them effectively. It’s difficult to manage everyone in the team, so let the junior managers take ownership of the tasks and report it to you. You should also encourage them to take decisions on their own without fear and groom them to be the next set of leaders. A highly individualistic and motivated management team is all you need to effectively manage the large workforce.

4)Match the right people with the right projects:

As a manager, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the employees to pair them with the right tasks. Because it’s hard to keep track of every employee, you should match the right people with the right tasks to avoid losing control over the work. So, effectively aligning your resources by using them for the right tasks will boost the efficiency of the work. In simple words, division of labor is key as you grow the company.

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5)Offer growth opportunities:

When your company grows, you can have more budget dedicated to providing training opportunities for the employees. Offer training opportunities to your employees that help them grow in their jobs and careers. This will let your people know that you invest in the growth and development of your employees. It will also keep the employees motivated and increase their loyalty towards the organization.


Managing a large team with different skill sets is never easy. But with an effective plan where you know how to effectively use the resources well can definitely help. We hope this article helps you in finding the right methods to manage a large workforce effectively.


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