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How has AI Changed the World of Business 

There has been quite a lot of panic regarding AI and how it has changed. Robots are taking over human jobs and they are also becoming far more intelligent than ever before. If you want to find out more about how AI has changed business or if you are interested in finding out how you could benefit from learning more about AI in general, then take a look below.


AI can play a huge role when it comes to analysing a particular market and the customers within it. If you look at predictive analysis you will soon see that this can be applied to the data within the customer matrix. It can also be applied to the web matrix and even social media. AI plays such a huge role for start-up businesses too. It allows them to work on a completely different thought process and it helps them to come up with way more innovative solutions for growth as well.


AI is also having a huge part to play in games as well. If you look at the gaming industry, then you’ll probably realise that AI is very much integrated into the platform. If you look at the online casino Netbet for example, you will find that they have full games that are based on user interaction. When the game gives a particular result, gamers can then choose an option on the screen. This could include slots, such as choosing whether to cash out or spin again. The software then reacts accordingly, using intelligent algorithms to provide the best experience but, crucially, a more personalised experience.

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Virtual Assistance

So many companies are using or planning to use AI to try and give their customers some level of virtual assistance. Companies are deploying chatbots that have a lot of uses but the most important vertical here would be customer assistance. Many people are not convinced about having a robot or machine serve them and instead crave a more human-driven customer service but at the end of the day, airlines are proving that it is the way forward. When you go to an airline, you can ask the AI simple questions such as the status of a flight.


When you look at the last few decades, you will soon see that tech has changed so much. One of the many things that has changed would be process automation. Tools are being consistently developed and innovative and this helps to make the business process much more agile. Nowadays, most business processes can be automated using software, like accounts payable. As a result, the AP process becomes fraud-free and more efficient in general. Industry leaders are also trying to predict how powerful AI will be in the future. It is safe to say that there is now a new era of automation emerging and that it is becoming a somewhat cognitive process. Smart algorithms are now playing a huge role when it comes to various industries, such as retail for example. The great thing about machines is that they can work faster, they are more consistent, and they do not require any kind of break either which is very interesting to say the least.

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