Best Ways to Stay Eco-Friendly While Moving

There are some excellent tips and suggestions for the best ways to stay eco-friendly while moving house. And, if you’re an outdoors kind of person, it will be good to have some information on what it takes to go green in the city. There is a lot to learn and get used to about green living that you might not have thought about before. Here are some things you’ll be glad to know about:

Bring Reusable Bags –

This is especially important if you like to bring things from work or from the store to your new home. It might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people leave their trash out or their recycling supplies at home when they’re packing to move. If you don’t bring your own containers, ask the company you’re moving with for a container rental. Or, if you do bring your own containers, make sure they are clean and well kept. This will be less stressful on the environment, if everything is properly disposed of when you return home.

Grow Your Own Vegetables –

There are plenty of great, beautiful, fragrant plants you can grow at home, no matter how much room you have. Try a vegetable garden with perennials like alfalfa or evergreens. You can even buy starter plants so that you can learn how to plant them and care for them properly. The best way to learn is to buy seeds or go to a nursery and take a look at the plants. Find one you like and plant it a week later.

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Use Green Materials Whenever Possible –

Don’t throw away materials that can be reused in another way. Buy products and papers that can be re-used, like those recycled booklets that you can re-use the covers on. If you need to throw something away, be sure to take the time to call your local garbage removal service and ask what they’ll do with your unwanted items.

Beware of Harmful Chemicals –

Be careful of what you put down your drain or in your garage before you start moving. Many products that are advertised as being biodegradable or environmental friendly contain toxic chemicals. Before buying anything that looks promising, make sure to read the label carefully and avoid any products that contain the substance on the label. If you’re unsure about something, always call your local garbage company and ask what they will do with the materials you throw out.

Invest in a Green-Moving Company –

Moving is hard enough without having to worry about a bunch of moving trucks full of trash that you haven’t cleared yet. Look into a local moving company that has a lot of experience and who uses green methods whenever possible. Ask for referrals and go visit their facilities if they offer. They will likely use more natural means whenever possible to make moving easier and cheaper for you. For an eco-friendly and efficient moving experience, consider using services from, where you can find a wide range
of green moving options to suit your specific needs.

Keep all of Your Materials as Green as Possible –

Your moving boxes should be made of recycled materials. Make sure that all of your packing materials are also recycled, including your packing tape. Check your local branch of the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any reports filed regarding any complaints involving bad moving practices. If nothing comes up, it’s best to stick to this list of green materials.

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As you can see, there are actually many ways to stay eco-friendly while moving. Some methods are very small but make a huge impact. Other eco-friendly techniques can be a little more expensive but can make a big difference in the long run. Find the best ways to stay eco-friendly while moving and start reaping the rewards of not contributing to harmful pollution. You’ll feel better for it and so will the environment. It’s time to take back control of your life.

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