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6 Tools to Schedule Tweets with Images on Twitter

Twitter is one of the main social networks today and the main way to transmit information if you are a company or an entity with a lot of online activity. And one of the best ways to manage your account with scheduled publishing media. So, we share 6 tools to schedule tweets with images on Twitter .


The first is TweetDeck, a free web application and one of the first tools for scheduling tweets.

This is used as a Chrome or MacOS application, with a very simple and intuitive user interface, since in the area on the left it has a detailed toolbar and a calendar that allows you to choose the date and time of publication.

To use it, you just have to log in with your Twitter account and compose the content of the tweet, including multimedia content.


This is one of the most popular tools, which offers both free and paid plans depending on your needs, which can be used in mobile apps or on computers.

One of its main advantages is that it allows use for the scheduling of publications on various social networks.

With the free version you can schedule up to 10 publications per social network, which can include text, multimedia content and watermarks. Additionally, you have the ArtStudio functionality, which allows the creation of images, infographics and fonts.


This is the most widely used publication scheduling tool of all thanks to its wide functionality and for allowing quick learning of use.

In addition to the conventional functions such as text and multimedia tweet calendar, it also offers management functions for your account . Its functions include:

  • Curate content.
  • Carry out analytical studies of your social networks.
  • Content promotion.
  • Team management.
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You can take advantage of all this for several accounts, although from a certain number of different accounts you will have to contract the payment plans.


If you need to manage a variety of accounts on different social networks , then GainApp is what you need. This is a paid tool, with a 30-day free trial, but with a package of 99 USD per month with capacity for up to 10 accounts.

It offers all the tools you would expect from one of these tools, such as post scheduling and content editing, it also has an approval flow.

This system allows you to write and schedule tweets and then show the program to the client. Once it approves the content, the program will be settled, otherwise, it will not be programmed.


Buffer is a very simple tool, with a very clean interface and with the possibility of using it for various social networks.

With the free plan, you can manage 3 social media accounts and schedule 10 posts in each one at a time. Such advertisements will contain any content and the exact date and time can be chosen.

Additionally, it allows analysis of the impact of each of the publications that were scheduled.


Finally, you have this complete tool equipped with a variety of functions. In its free version, you can schedule up to 10 publications for a Twitter account with multimedia content. You can also link them with Bitly links and upload the tweets using a CSV file .

Additionally, in case you want more functions, you can request the payment plan for 6.99 USD per month, where you can add 15 accounts from various social networks, schedule up to 500 locations and more.

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The management of Twitter and other social networks is very important today, since the online presence is one of the most important facets to publicize your brand and offer your products and services. So, we invite you to try one of these 6 tools to schedule tweets with images on Twitter .

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