Cryptocurrency and mining pools

When we think of cryptocurrency, we think of our best online casino payment method, however we don’t think about cryptocurrency being mined. 

Come with us as we explore cryptocurrency and shed some light on cryptocurrency mining pools. 


Cryptocurrency, which is loosely referred to as crypto, is a financial means of exchange and can be used to purchase either goods or services. It can be used or seen in the same manner that money is used and seen. The difference between the two is that cryptocurrency is a digital means of payment while normal money can be transferred and used physically. 

Cryptography which is the art of writing or solving code assists cryptocurrency to stay secure. Cryptography can be divided into three different forms which include Secret Key, Public Key, and Hash Functions. Cryptography ensures that there is secure communication in the midst of third parties. This makes it hard for third parties to use cryptocurrency servers to gain any personal information. This is because most if not all the information is encrypted. 

What are cryptocurrency mining pools?

Cryptocurrency mining happens when a joint group of cryptocurrency miners creates new currencies while also validating already existing transactions. Those that mine cryptocurrency are called virtual miners and are compensated with either that form of cryptocurrency or transactional fees. 

However, a mining pool is when a joint group of cryptocurrency miners combines their computer resources to help strengthen the probability of finding a block or successfully mining cryptocurrency. 

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After successfully mining cryptocurrency the virtual miners will split the reward equally according to how much work each one put in. 

It’s important to know that this field is highly competitive and needs a lot of mathematical skills however it can be very rewarding. 

Many cryptocurrency forms use this method to verify transactions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. 

Top cryptocurrency mining pools

Cryptocurrency mining is highly competitive. Come with us as we list some of the top cryptocurrency miners in the world. 

  • Minedollars
  • Slush pool
  • F2pool
  • Antpool
  • ViaBTC

It’s important to note that each mining pool has its hash rate as well as its reward distribution method. 

A hash rate is the number of times that a network has attempted to complete those calculations every second. A hash rate is calculated using the approximate average of all the hash rates of each individual miner within a certain network. 

The important thing to remember is that hash rates are continuously changing because there is a constant change in mining software. There is also always an upgrade of devices that carry higher hash rates that are constantly being manufactured. It’s also important to remember that profitability will always depend on power consumption. This can be calculated with the power consumption within your area. One of the best Bitcoin miners has a hash rate of up to 10 Th/s, excellent power efficiency, and power consumption. 

The main reason why someone would look for a high rash is that it is an indicator of the network’s security. This is because it shows that there is a large number of virtual miners who are verifying transactions. 

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It’s always important to look at the different fees of the different mining pools so that you can make the decision possible for yourself. 

It’s also important to know that this form of verifying transactions may not be the best for the environment as it operates through the use of power. This form of verifying transactions may also be slower than other forms as it operates and relies on virtual miners to approve transactions. However, this may be and remains the safest way to approve transactions. 

Bottom line

Cryptocurrency mining may be a very profitable field if you are seeking to make some extra cash, If you’re on the receiving end of mining you may want to look into the different mining pool options available to you. 

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