7 Best Science PowerPoint Templates

Do not assume that people of science are not creative! Most scientists and students have to spend quite a lot of time presenting the results of their research in a clear and understandable way. Presentations do this best, in which users can insert not only text and illustrations, but also GIFs and videos that reflect the essence of scientific experiments in a great way.

MasterBundles experts have prepared the best recommendations for presentation design, and also compiled the top 7 best science templates for PowerPoint. Read the review and choose the option that best suits your research needs!

How to create scientific presentations?

So, a scientific presentation is a way to share your research with other people. The main task of the speaker is to make it as memorable as possible. This result can be achieved using a few basic recommendations:

  • plan the structure from the very beginning of the presentation (put all the integral parts of the narrative — intro, methods, results, conclusions — in a logical sequence);
  • reduce the amount of text, focusing on illustrations, short summary descriptions, and statistics;
  • don`t make presentations of more than 10-15 slides, this tires the audience;
  • in “Methods” indicate short clear names in a bulleted list, and refuse long sentences.
  • In addition, experts recommend using simple block diagrams to make it easier for listeners to absorb the facts.
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How to make information more perceptible?

In addition to the mentioned rules for creating a presentation, there are also general recommendations for designing such slides:

  1. As a rule, science PowerPoint templates contain a certain color scheme: blue, cyan, green, as they are ideal for a similar theme. If you want to use other shades, then limit yourself to 2-3 main tones and make sure they match the color scheme of the images and videos.
  2. Try to put about 20-30 words on one slide to achieve an optimal understanding of the information.
  3. Text and background should be contrasting: black/white, red/white, blue/white, and so on.
  4. Make sure all slides are created in the same style and fit together.
  5. Use easy-to-read fonts. For example, the sans serif font family, which includes Century Gothic, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Myriad Pro, Tahoma, and so on, can be placed in this category.

In order not to miss important moments in the design of presentations, it is better to use ready-made professional premium quality PowerPoint templates from MasterBundles. Such themes, unlike standard Microsoft ones, have many interesting details, icons, and basics for graphs & diagrams, which will allow the user to stand out from the background of ordinary presentations.

7 Premium Science PowerPoint Templates

The top includes seven popular PowerPoint templates for science with different designs for every taste. Some of them are ideal for physics research, others are suitable for medical professionals, and some will appeal to chemists. In any case, each of the MasterBundles  science ppt templates can be customized and make it ideal for a particular industry.

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Extensive Tech Presentation Templates Bundle


Extensive Tech Presentation Templates Bundle
If a specialist is constantly working on various scientific topics or specializes in creating such presentations, then it’s worth immediately thinking about buying a package with a lot of various templates. This set of six premium products is a great choice — all ones are available for use in PPTX, KEY, and Google Slides formats. Topics: space technologies, nanotechnologies, VR technologies, as well as data, cyber and workshop technologies.

Huge Scientific Presentation Templates Bundle: 250 Slides

Huge Scientific Presentation Templates Bundle 250 Slides

Another chic template package for those who constantly work with scientific presentations! Five options available in PPTX, KEY, and Google Slides formats will help you format materials for different purposes. For example, celebrating National Science Day, opening a Science Center, showing advanced Science Research, presenting a new AI Learning product to customers. 250 amazingly designed slides cater to the needs of every customer, helping to create a unique and interesting presentation that will be hard to take listeners` eyes off.

Best Science PPT Template 2022

Best Science PPT Template 2022

A strict and monochromatic template based on white, turquoise and dark aqua colors is quite versatile — specialists can use it both for the presentation of scientific research and for describing various chemical and physical processes. Also, this topic is suitable for reflecting information about certain scientific organizations or educational centers. The set consists of fifty customizable slides. Despite the monochromatic color scheme, the design cannot be called boring, because thanks to the mass of interesting icons, you can achieve a great style!

Science Center Presentation Template

Science Center Presentation Template

The “Science Center ” slide set looks like something that walks on a knife edge between strict erudite and aesthetical design. It’s ideal for student studies where clarity and monotony are important, but not more crucial than the need to maximize audience engagement and be remembered.

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The template has fifty stylish slides that can be customized with five different color schemes, which will be dominated by orange, purple, green, dusty purple, or bright aqua colors. All elements are available in PPTX, KEY, Google Slides formats.

National Science Day Presentation Template

National Science Day Presentation Template

This template is representative of strictly designed presentations. Students may not like it, but professional scientists or marketers of various research centers/companies will go to great lengths to get a similar theme. Primary colors include white, sapphire, light and dark blue, gray. Shapes of most of the elements create a simply indescribable design.

Space Technology Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

Space Technology Presentation 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

However, the template for creating a presentation on a space theme can only be called strict with a stretch, because the design includes rich colors, unusual elements, and an indescribable style. Hot pink and deep purple don’t seem like the usual space-theme hues, but in this one, they just pair so well. The set contains fifty slides for PPTX, KEY, and Google Slides and has a lot of space for thematic pictures.

Chemical Engineering Presentation Template

Chemical Engineering Presentation Template

And, of course, don’t forget about the chemical theme: templates with test tubes, microscopes and a bunch of infographics to display the results of various reactions are in great demand. This theme is customizable and can be in five colors (pink, yellow, green, purple, and blue). Light beautiful background, plenty of space for illustrations and text blocks, super clear fonts — literally everyone will like this template!

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