How to Promote your Small Business on Twitter in 2022

Small business owners usually do not have the budget or time for expensive marketing strategies, as big companies do. It would help to focus on less expensive options that do not take much time to maintain, like self-creation and affordable digital marketing methods. 

One way to do this is through the use of social networking sites. As these are interactive platforms, business owners can easily engage with their customers through social media, allowing for personal interaction between your business and its customers.

The popularity of Twitter in particular, with small businesses, is skyrocketing. Using Twitter to promote small businesses is no longer an option, it’s a new standard. Once you understand the basic processes of Twitter and know the types of posts that have an effect on your followers, it can be a gateway to developing loyal followers for your small business.

Here are some ways you can promote your small business on Twitter, whether you own an online e-commerce store, a local coffee shop, a hair salon, a handmade gift shop, or something else. 

Use hashtags when tweeting:

Twitter and hashtags go hand-in-hand. When it comea to you promoting your business by sending out tweets, make sure you’re using relevant and well-researched hashtags in your post. It is common for people to search for hashtags on Twiiter. Moreover, the use of popular hashtags helps with organic growth of your profile and and increases visibility. If you’re using trending hashtags, it will automatically improve the reach of your tweets by putting your post infront of various people following that hashtag.

By using hashtags that are relevant to your business, products, and services, you can help improve the chances of your account and tweets showing up in the Twitter Topics forums, which are forums curated by Twitter, that show the audience that follow particular content, relevant tweets for that topic. For example, if you’re a clothing business and use the hashtag #latestfashiontrends, there are chances that you might be featured in a fashion related Topic forum on Twitter. 

Remember not to go overboard and try to stick with a maximum of 3 hashtags per post.

Have a stunning Twitter header image:

One of the first thing followers will see when they visit your Twitter profile will be that large header image on top of your profile picture.

This is an area that can be used to make a great first impression. Take help from online platforms that provide engaging Twitter header templates to customize and create one for your business. Make sure to pick a design that catches the eye of your followers, and gets them intrigued.

Talk to your followers:

An easy way to find out what it is your customers want, like, dislike, or just to get their opinion in general is by talking to them. Twitter is the perfect platform for this. Send out an open-ended tweet asking a question and encouraging your followers to respond to you. Hold a live chat. If your small business has been in operation for some time, chances are you’ll have an email list, send an email out to these people and get them to join in.

Creating conversations with customers or potential customers helps you get that little boost on Twitter by putting your tweets, and thus your brand in front of others. 

You can also use this to just ask your followers simple, direct questions, such as what they’d like to see more of on your Twitter account. Helping you in getting the audience to engage with your company.

Interactive posts through the use of dynamic graphics, GIFs, and polls:

Social media – the prompt is in the name really. People are on social media because they want to be social. How can this be done? By simply engaging with people. Individuals don’t just want to be social amongst themselves, they also want to be social with brands, companies, organizations, causes, and institutions they relate to.

With audiences becoming more and more visually inclined, make sure to include images, videos, or GIFs in your tweets. Twitter allows you to add up to four photos or videos to a post. You can use many different tools online to create stunning images and videos to engage with your audience, through the use of ready-made Twitter post templates, that you can easily edit based on your needs.

Throw in a poll every now and then to get your audience’s opinion on something. Everyone loves a bit of interactivity and a chance to vote on something.

The use of graphics, GIFs, and polls are sure to create interest in your posts. Attracting and communicating with followers by engaging with them is the best way to grow and advertise your small business.

Add some humor and fun elements to your posts:

The great thing about Twitter is that its a light-hearted platform. People are on it to have a good time, share opinions, and get some entertainment. If your brand personality allows for it, throwing in some humor. The use of jokes, or meme marketing, is a great way to get users to re-tweet your content and thus, help you get some virality, without hard-selling your products or services. 

Opt for fun marketing by adding some fun elements to your posts, or using a casual tone on Twitter will also paint the picture of your brand being approachable.

Analyze your competition:

Finally, any effective marketing strategy is of no use if continuous competitor analysis is not carried out. All your competitors’ customers can be your customers. If you see your competitors doing something well on Twitter, and getting that engagement you want on your profile, likelihood is that your audience is on Twitter too, but you’re just not able to get them. Or you competiior is doing a  better job with their Twitter strategy and understanding what theur followers want.

Keep an eye out on your competitors’ accounts, or even other accounts that may not be competition but have great engagement, and see what you can do to translate their strategy to your brand, or better yet, go one step ahead and improve on it. Twitter can be a gold mine if you find your niche.


When it comes to Twitter marketing, you must plan out a strategy. However, strategies aren’t set in stone. Your goals, expectations, and plance can and will change. Just make sure you’re constantly reviewing your analytics to understand whether your current small business Twitter strategy is effective. If not, make some adjustments, and try something new.

Now its up to you. Like, share, tweet, re-tweet, and get inspired!